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Travel-Blues – Depression after high of experience and emotion

Often after intensive experiences or high emotion, – wether travel, competition, high success or any kind of special attention payed to or on somebody -, a kind of down, depression, a kind of blues follows.

Brain and heart got used to a high level of stimulus; ego got used to a high level of attention, neurons and brain-structure got used to high level of dopamin and serotonin (Happy-Hormons).

Getting back to daily life provokes a sensation of deprivation. People experience a kind of blues after certain high.


Kellie Donnelley describes in her blog-article a reflection about her personal travel-blues, called “Travel Bug”.

“…Then you return home, have your reunions, spend your first two weeks meeting with family and friends, catch up, tell stories, reminisce, etc. You’re Hollywood for the first few weeks back and it’s all new and exciting. And then it all just…goes away. Everyone gets used to you being home, you’re not the new shiny object anymore and the questions start coming: So do you have a job yet? What’s your plan? Are you dating anyone? How does your 401k look for retirement? (Ok, a little dramatic on my part.)..”

Don’t you think, this kind of attitude is a little childish ?!You don’t leave for travel to come back home and make your very personal Hollywood-Show, don’t you?!

You leave for yourself, for your very personal motivation (Curiosity, Adventure, Distance, Challenge, Relax, Luxury, Personal Growth etc.)

The admiration of others is not useful to you at all. If this was the only motivation for your journey, it is quite logical that you keep feeling empty inside. Maybe the admiration of other might push your selfconfidence for a moment, but never deeply and enduringly.

Your selfconfidence growths with your very personal experience, proofing to yourself that you can, you are totally able to stand your very personal adventures and challenges. Your value does not depend on endorsement of others.

¿No lo encuentras un poquito niño esta actitud ? … no sales de viaje para poder volver a imponer a los demas y hacer tu propia Holywood-Show.
Sales para ti, por tus motivos muy personales (Curiosidad, Aventura, Distancia, Desafío, Relax, Lujo, Crecimiento etc). La adimiración de los demas no te sirve para nada. Si esto es el unico motivo, esta bien claro que luego te quedas vacio en tu intertior. La admiración te puede subir la autoestima para un momento, pero nunca profundamente y persistente. Autoestima crece con la propia experiencia que tu demuestras a ti mismo que puedes.
Tu valor no depende del reconocimiento de los demas !!

What is the real motivation for your journey?
Cuales son los verdaderos objectivos q vas de viaje, tu ?

“…But the sad part is once you’ve done your obligatory visits for being away for a year; you’re sitting in your childhood bedroom and realize nothing has changed. …”
If this happens to you, it does not mean, that things haven´t changed, but that you didn´t change enough. Open your eyes and you will see, that nothing is the same anymore, to the moment you left. Everything has changes, has progressed. Nothing ever stops. It is just not predictable how things are progressing, not from the outside, even not from the inside. And maybe, the changes are not like you expect them to be, as you had another idea of them.

Si te pasa esto, no es que las cosas no se han cambiado, pero tu no has cambiado suficiente. Abre los ojos y veras que si, nada está egual como cuando saliste. Todo se ha cambiado, ha progresado. Nunca nada se para. Solamente que no es previsible como las cosas progresan, ni de fuera, ni de dentro. Y puede ser, que los cambios no son de la idea, que tu tienes de un cambio.

“…You’re glad everyone is happy and healthy and yes, people have gotten new jobs, boyfriends, engagements, etc., but part of you is screaming don’t you understand how much I have changed? And I don’t mean hair, weight, dress or anything else that has to do with appearance. I mean what’s going on inside of your head. The way your dreams have changed, they way you perceive people differently, the habits you’re happy you lost, the new things that are important to you. You want everyone to recognize this …”

Again a little bit childish, endorsement of others can not be the first motivation. Your value does not depend on others recognation !!
Un poquito niño esto otra vez, el reconcimiento por losdemas no puede ser el primer motivo. Tu valor no depende del reconocimiento de los demas !!

If your dreams have changed, if your way of thinking has changed, if your values and your preferences have changed – your acting, your attitude, your way of life also will be different at home. If it’s not like that, you did not really change so much.
Si tus sueños han cambiado, si tu manera de pensar ha cambiado, si tus valores y preferencias han cambiado, tus hechos, tu actitud, tu vivir tambien seran differente en casa. Si no, no has cambiado verdaderamente.

“…and you want to share and discuss it, …”
Just do it. This will be an additional value for you and your friends, for everybody.
Just do it. Eso sera una plusvalia para ti y para tus amigos, para todos.

“…but there’s no way to describe the way your spirit evolves…”

There is, indeed! (liberty, defiance, excitement, estimulus of senses, abilities grow with challenge; If words don’t help you out, paint it, sing it, dance it, bake it etc.) Hay! Seguro! (libertad, desafío, excitación, estimulo des los sentidos, las habilidades crecen con los retos. Si las palabras no te sirven bien, puedes dibujar-lo, cantar-lo, bailar-lo, cocinar-lo etc)

Communication and its limits

“…when you leave everything you know behind and force yourself to use your brain in a real capacity, not on a written test in school. You know you’re thinking differently because you experience it every second of every day inside your head, but how do you communicate that to others?”
Communication is limited and will always be. We will never know if, what we are describing with words, signs, colors, sounds or letters, provokes the same perception with our company. Perception through senses ist subjective, finally.
And on the way of transmission of a feeling, thought or emotion by communication, towards the brain of another person, with different kind of former experiences, other values, other system of perceiving the world … a big part of the authentic message is lost.

We only can interprete, on the further answer or reaction, if our message has arrived aproximately to what we had thought to comunicate.
This way all of us, we stay quite alone, everybody with itself. But don’t worry !!
In this lonelyness all of us, we are united.
I am as lonely as you (with my inner perception), and you are as lonley as me. Let’s use communication as learning; every learning comes along with a certain rate of errors …
If you don’t want to accept that, don’t comunicate.

Enjoy yourself, your treasures of growth and experience. First of all, you gathered them for yourself, for nobody else.

Comunicacion es limitado y siempre lo sera. Nunca vamos a saber si esto …. lo que describimos con palabras, signos, colores, sonidos o letras…… provoca la misma percepcion en nuestra compania, porque la percepcion por los sentidos es subjectivo al final.
Y en el camino de transmitir un sentimiento, por un pensamiento, sobre la comunicaion, hacia el cerebro de otra persona, … con otras experiencias, otros valores y otro systema de captar el mundo …. se pierde mucho del authentico mensaje.
Solo podemos interpretar por la respuesta o reaccion, si nuestro mensaje ha llegado aproximativo a lo que hemos pensado nosotros de comunicar.
Asi todos nos quedamos muy solos, cada uno con simismo. Pero pasa nada !!
Porque en esta soledad somos muy unidos.
Yo estoy tan solo como tu (con mi percepcion interior), y tu estas tan solo como yo. A aprovechar la comunicación como un aprendizaje; que un aprendizaje siempre viene con una quota de errores… 😉 Si no quieres acceptar esto, no comuniques. Disfruta tu mismo de tus tesoros de crecimiento y experiencia, que de primero los has acumulado para ti, para nadie mas.

“…You feel angry. You feel lost. You have moments where you feel like it wasn’t worth it because nothing has changed…” (then your trip only was an escape from challenges at home) (entonces la salida era solo un escape de los retos en casa) “… but then you feel like it’s the only thing you’ve done that is important because it changed everything. …”
Patience, as you have changed, changes of your environment in your world will follow up. Maybe, not the way you expected, but they will follow
Paciencia, que tu has cambiado, entonces los cambios del entorno de tu mundo seguiran. A lo mejor, no de la manera como tu te lo has imaginado, pero llegaran.

Feel gratefullness, that you have been able to life this magical moments. Search for the magic in every moment of your life. And you will find it; as you already tasted it at least once. Things and moments are pasing by. This is law of life, everything finishes some day, some how, and afterwards others come along…
Sentir gracias para que has podido vivir estos momentos magicos. Buscar la magica en cada momento que vives (Y la encontraras; como ya minimo una vez lo has saboreado). Las cosas y los momentos se pasan, es la ley de la vida, todo termina, y despues viene otra cosa…

“…What is the solution to this side of traveling?…”

Ask yourself:

What does “home”, “homeland”, “home sweet home” really mean to you ?How is your very personal definition of it ?

… friends, company, the physical house, family, work, nature, activities, tasks…

What is your personal definition ?! Where is “home” for you finally? Find it in your heart, then you´ll take it always with you.

1. Que realmente significa “en casa”, “hogar”, “patria” para ti ?
Los amigos/la companya, la casa physica por donde vives, la familia, el trabajo, la naturaleza, las actividades, las tareas … que es tu definición muy personal?! Donde es “en casa” para ti al final? Encuentra-lo en tu corazon, asi siempre lo tendras contigo.


“…It’s like learning a foreign language that no one around you speaks so there is no way to communicate to them how you really feel.”

Of course, because all this yearning, all this aching in your heart, this fight inside for a “why” “where” “for what” “where to go”… is your personal growth. Anybody can take it for you, anybody can do it for you. You will do it yourself.

We are just able to give company to each other and try to realize an interchange of feelings and thoughts, emotion…
Claro, porque todo este anhelo, este dolor en el corazon, esta lucha para un ¿porque?, un ¿donde?, un ¿para que? un ¿por donde ir?… es tu crecimiento personal. Nadie te lo puede quitar, nadie puede hacer-lo para ti, lo lograras tu. Solo nos podemos dar companya y intentar a intercambiar sentimientos y pensamientos….

Runaway is no solution

“…This is why once you’ve traveled for the first time all you want to do is leave again. …”

Running and hiding away is NO solution. Leave and come back stronger than before, yes !

Ir se corriendo y esconder NO es solucion, ir-se para curar heridas y volver mas fuerte que antes, si.
“…They call it the travel bug, but really it’s the effort to return to a place where you are surrounded by people who speak the same language as you. Not English or Spanish or Mandarin or Portuguese, but that language where others know what it’s like to leave, change, grow, experience, learn, then go home again and feel more lost in your hometown then you did in the most foreign place you visited….”


Get to know your needs!

… Get clear, what you need as home! Get your goals clear, and what really means to you. Fight for your goals and things which are important to you.
Be aware that vacacion is not daily life. Don’t escape from daily life’s problems.
Appreciate what you are living right in this moment, because this is also journey. It is the journey of your life… your very indiviual journey of everyday … Time is luxury, don’t waste it with too much look back to the past. Learn from the past, get stronger with your experiences.

“…This is the hardest part about traveling, and it’s the very reason why we all run away…”

Run away is exactly no solution and means that you haven’t changed so much.

“… again.”


In dem Wort „Erfolg“ steckt das Verb „folgen“. Erfolg, ist das Geschehen, das aus unserem kreativen Empfinden, Denken, Handeln und wiederholtem Denken und wiederkehrendem Handeln folgt.

Äusserer Rahmen:

– effektiver Umgang mit dem Umfeld, Personen und Umgebung

Innerer Rahmen:

Grundlage für eine effektive Arbeit mit sich selbst

  • Wähle und pflege eine positive Grundeinstellung bzw. Haltung
  • Pflege eine hohes Niveau an (Selbst-) Motivation
  • Benutze positive Selbst-Suggestion
  • Lerne Deine Emotionen kennen und zu manövrieren

Zentrum im Wachstum zum Erfolg

  • Hohe, realistische Ziele

Ständige Arbeits-Felder bzw. fortlaufende Fähigkeiten

  • Kontinuierliche Konzentration
  • Arbeit mit posiviten, mentalen Bildern-Visualisierung-
  • Konstruktive und effektive Arbeit mit Angst & konkreten Ängsten

Das Ohio Center for Sport Psychology hat diese 9 neun Basis-Fähigkeiten als wiederkehrende Details bei erfolgreichen Athlethen erforscht. Tatsächlich, sind diese mentalen Fähigkeiten bzw. Arbeits-Felder die Grundlage für individuellen Erfolg gleichermassen im Sport, im Geschäftsleben, im Privaten oder jedem anderen Lebens-Bereich.

Studien zeigen einwandfrei auf wie nahe Sport-Strategien mit Erfolg generell einhergehen. Daher kann Sport gleichermassen Arbeitsbereich und Werkzeug im Mental Training sein.

Beginnen Sie jetzt Ihr Mental-Training basierend auf der Schulung und Übung dieser grundlegenden Erfolgs-Fähigkeiten. CLICK !

Mehr über die Parallellen zwischen sportlichen Fähigkeiten, Mental Training und Erfolg finden Sie hier:

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