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Broken Foot-Link – My Way to Recuperation

After exactly 9 weeks i am now back to the mountains with my broken footlink. The first, short trip i did, has been about 280m positive hight, medium to difficult territory.

My expected recovery-time to get back to normal life – no intensive sports-activities – has been about 3 month (13weeks).

Meanwhile the last weeks, from time to time, i have been fightened by people around me.

I have been told „crazy“ „unresponsable“ „stupid“, i had to listen to wishes like „you will see you´ll have to pay for…“

I am not. This fantastic result of recovery has been possible with the help of a great team of supporters and best professionals around me. Everybody did a really great job on his field. I am very grateful.


EVERY PROCESS can be pimped up to 80% with the power of mind. Mental training is the tool.

(What is mental training ? Http://

I, myself, experienced it here another time especially in combination with fisiotherapy and the recovery of my body.

Obviously it works even better here, as our brain is directly connected via central nervous system to our body-parts, like a highway of information and impulse to (and back from) the construction-area.
In the moment of daily fisiotherapy exercise i combined focus/visualisation/relaxing tecnics with my exercices.
I used tecnics like positive selftalk/getyourgoalsclear/motivation/fear-control to control my attitude and mindset.

I am trained in self-perception, so i did not risk myself or people around me at any time, but neither i did let people stop me with calling me bad names…

Mentallystrong!! Mallorca Sport Mental Training

Depression – Ja, man darf darüber sprechen !

Immer ist ein Prozess auch mit Rückschlägen, Depression oder unerwarteten Wendungen versehen. Die Kunst besteht darin, das Ziel – und Zwischen-Ziele – klar und realistisch im Auge zu behalten !!

A process is mostly also accompanied by setback, depression or unexpected changes. The keypoint is to keep clearly and realisticly track of your aim – and stop-overs !!

Un proceso casi siempre va acompaniado de varapalos, depresión o cambios inesperados. El truco consiste en enfocar claramente y realistico la meta – y objectivos intermedios !!

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Prozesskurve, Realistisch, positive Visualisierung

Training unter verschiedenen Aspekten, Umständen und Perspektiven

Apartir de hoy toca un nuevo plan de entrenamiento … cambio de perspectiva !

Ab heute gibt’s einen neuen Trainingsplan… Perspektiven-Wechsel !

From today there is a new schedule – change of perspective !

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