Schlagwort: Wasser


Wasser – Water – Agua – DRINK to be a Super-Brain

Drink WATER to be a Super-Brain!! Brain needs energy and WATER, to work well

WASSER trinken !! Das Gehirn braucht Energy und WASSER, um gut zu arbeiten

AGUA !! El cerebro necesita energia y AGUA para funcionar bien

A german Beverage-Company put out a scientific water-drinking-study about effects on study-results.

Result: Drinking much water (amount depends on climate, personal weight, activity and age, see the pdf below) means a significant increase of mental ability and performance.

Directing scientists in this study in 2012 have been Günter Wagner, Boarding-Member of the Institut für Sporternährung e.V. (Nutrition in Sports) in Sportklinik Bad Nauheim and Dr. Siegfried Lehrl of the University Erlangen, CEO of the Society of Brain Training in Ebersberg, Gesellschaft für Gehirntraining, Ebersberg.

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